In order to offer each type of practice an adapted skateboard, Globe develops different longboards corresponding to different practices. Find in this collection boards made for carving, downhill, freestyle, dancing as well as cruising longboards. What kind of skateboarder are you? To choose your longboard, you have to define the use you will make of it.

Different types of longboards :

Carving - This practice aims to achieve more or less tight turns on gentle or moderate slopes. The boards adapted to this practice are those that have a segment cut out of the wood of the board above each wheel to avoid the "wheelbite". The boards most often used for this type of practice are generally those with a "camber shape" slightly curved upwards. 

Downhill - This is the most widespread practice for longboarding, but also the most radical. It consists of climbing to the top of a slope, a hill or a mountain to go down as fast as possible while minimizing braking and therefore optimizing turns to maintain speed. It is very important to choose a board that is very stable. The recommended boards for this practice are the “drop-through” shapes with embedded tricks(e.g. Geminon Micro-Drop) on the center of the deck allows to lower the center of gravity and thus gain stability. Or the “top mount” shapes with standard truck mounting. It is advisable to choose a rigid or semi-rigid board.

Cruising Longboards - It's simply a matter of going for a ride on your longboard, on the flat or on gentle slopes. The objective is to have fun riding but also to be able to serve as a means of transport for short or medium trips. Cruising longboards generally have a classic shape, with or without a kick-tail (raised back allowing greater maneuverability and tricks). These boards are generally around 35" (88,9cm) in size. As the main purpose is to have fun, it is possible to choose almost any kind of shape.

Dancing - This practice consists of executing sequences of tricks while moving on the board. It is recommended to choose a longboard measuring at least 40" (101cm), since it requires a large area of movement.

Freeride - This is all about having fun at a higher or lower speed, hurtling downhill with turns and slides, sometimes combined with tricks. For this type of practice, you can choose the board that suits you best depending on what you do with it. Some people will prefer a more rigid board to optimize performance, while others will prefer a softer board for more comfort and responsiveness after turns. Drop-through mounts can be a good option for more stability when sliding. Harder wheels are also recommended for slides (between 82a and 86a) where it is advisable to have softer wheels (< 82a).


For each of these practices, we recommend wearing protective gear for your safety. Have a good session!

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