Globe offers many models of high shoes, as well as low models, all suitable for skateboarding. Each pair is available in multiple sizes, colors and materials. Find in this collection various models offering a good support of the ankle. In order to be as precise and technical as possible in the realization of its shoes, Globe regularly calls upon the skate and surf professionals of its team, notably Rodney Mullen for the creation of the Octave Mid or Dion Agius for the design of the Los Angered II and Sammy Montano for the choice of its color as well as for the Surplus with his signature. Always with the aim of bringing novelty, co-brandings with brands specialized in their fields regularly enrich the collection. This season Globe teamed up with Wasted Talent to create a limited edition of the Dover, and more recently the Dover II. Whether you're looking for a lifestyle skate shoe like the Chukka or a more technical one like the Octave Mid by Rodney Mullen, you're bound to find the model that suits you. 

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